Colonia Nova

Welcome to Volume A – from the 3th to the 5th of November

Diversity was key for the first and successful edition of Berlin´s new art festival! The first edition was entitled VOLUME A presented by KALTBLUT and supported by Warsteiner, PROPERCORN and Michelberger’s Fountain of Youth . An exclusive view on the event at COLONIA NOVA! The high-end event space in Berlin. “Berlin is a city where exhibitions open weekly, the idea is to offer an art exhibition out of the established gallery spaces, a sense on what independent and not so independent artists produce these days all at once. Creating a platform for artworks that go from cinema to painting, fashion, drawing, sculpture, embroidery, digital animation, collage, performance; and moving it from the social media to reality, make the audience interact with the artists, meeting people.” #WellDone!!!

Special thx also to our artists: Erwin Olaf, Bruce LaBruce, Tim Lienhard, Lola Dupré, Tata Christiane, Attila Richard Lukacs, Paul Waak, Milo Matthieu, Gio Black Peter, Cécile Wesolowski, Francois Cadiere, Mehryl Levisse, Scott Ramsay Kyle, Spencer Chalk Levy, Ritchelly Oliveira, Philippe Fernandez, The Miss Nipple Show, Hannes&Johannes, Evelyn Bencicova, Mike Rinaldi / Michael the III, Ango The Meek Dead, Mare Nero. Thanks to Paul Kirchenheiter, Galerie Wagner + Partner and to Michael Haufe.
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Hosted by Colonia Nova
Thiemannstrasse 1 Tor4, Haus 5, Aufgang1, 12059 Berlin-Neukölln